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Have an idea in your head or on the back of an envelope?

We have a track record for creating high-quality, innovative, and feasible concepts that can be taken for further development through the product design development process.

JAM Product Design - Concept Design
Sheffield Product Design - Development Sketching


Using CAD software, we take concepts and transform them into fully realised 3D models. We have experience working with different manufacturing methods ensuring all of our designs are grounded in reality and ready for production.


Using our state of the art in-house 3D printers we can quickly produce functional prototypes to test in real world scenarios. These printers fit prefectly into our development process are an invaluable tool to significantly reduces risk when moving into manufacturing.

JAM Prduct Design - Prototyping - 3D Printers
Green Lithium - Product Design Visualisation


Using powerful software we create stunning visuals that can show off your product, perfect for marketing material or to wow potential investors.

Suitcase Sketch.jpg

Why not take a look at some of our completed projects?

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